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Säynätsalo Town Hall is one of the most significant works of architect Alvar Aalto, who has an internationally renowned position in the history of modern architecture.
Aalto himself fell in love with Säynätsalo and named the islands as the Tahiti of Lake Päijänne.

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Town Hall is open Sep 1st - Sep 30th

Mon, Wed, Fri 11 am - 5 pm; Sat 11 am - 3 pm.

Low season (Oct - April), we are open by prior arrangement.

At other times admission and guidance by prior arrangement (private guidance).

Accommodation is open year-round.

If you don't want to operate with our web store, you can always call (+358 40 1971 091) or send email about accommodation or guided tours!

Säynätsalo Town Hall


Private Tour in Säynätsalo Town Hall

10,00 €

Welcome Cyclist

Jyväskylä - Florence of the North and Tahiti of Lake Päijänne

266,00 €

Cake Puffet

10,00 €

Evening Snack in Muuratsalo

13,00 €

Vintage Bicycle

Alkaen 10,00 €

Would you like to stay overnight in the Säynätsalo Town Hall designed by Alvar Aalto?

The apartments and guest rooms are located in a quiet residential wing. The peaceful archipelago environment of Säynätsalo offers residents plenty to do and experience.

Snack Pack for the Trip

12,00 €

Self-guided fatbike tour on Säynätsalo islands

Alkaen 30,00 €

Fatbike warm up

737,00 €

Liukulumikengillä upeaan talviseen luontoon

Alkaen 390,00 €


1210,00 €

Potkua arkeen - Lyhyempi tyhy-päivä potkukelkkailen

550,00 €

Fishing rods for two

12,00 €

Juurikkasaaren telttasauna

10,00 €