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Tour in Muuratsalo Experimental House for overnight guests

Tour in Muuratsalo Experimental House for overnight guests
€60.00 / 1 h 30 min
Price includes 2 persons.Extras:
  • Adults€30.00
  • Under 18 years, free entrance€0.00
For overnight guests

Muuratsalo Experimental House is open only in the summertime, June-September (15th September).

Customers go to Experimental House either by car or by public transport. You can rent a bicycle from the Town Hall for the four-kilometre journey. The price of the guidance does not include transportation.

There is now the possibility of booking a boat ride to Experimental House!

Muuratsalo Experimental House is a studio and summer residence designed by Elissa and Alvar Aalto. The building is located on the scenic Lake Päijänne shore plot, which can only be reached along paths—no road exists. Aalto could try different materials, shapes, techniques, and structural solutions here. On the sauna path, you sense nature and Lake Päijänne —as did the architect couple in their time with their families and guests. Aalto fell in love with Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo and named the islands Tahiti of Lake Päijänne.

The Experimental House is located in a beautiful spot on the cliff of Lake Päijänne, but the forest still protects it. The guide draws attention to details and attractive structural solutions—some experiments can be laughed at a bit.

In addition to the actual residential building, the guided tour introduces the smoke sauna and the boat designed by Aalto, which he named “Nemo propheta in Patria”. The guided tour of the visit takes about 45 minutes, after which the area can still be explored on its own.

The guidance considers the visitors' age, Aalto enthusiasm, and professional and study background. During the tour, you walk along forest paths and cliffs in about 1 km of hilly terrain, making the trip unsuitable for disabled people. Shoes and clothing suitable for the terrain and weather should be considered.

A small group guided tour allows you to focus on the guidance and interact with the guide.

General scheduled guided tours and their schedules can be found on the Aalto2 Museum Center's website.

The Experimental House and its surroundings are not accessible.
The area can only be reached with a guide. The guide picks up the group from the gate.

The price includes about 45 minutes of guided tours and the opportunity to explore the area on your own after a guided tour.

The gate is at Melalammentie 2, about 19 km from the centre of Jyväskylä. The drive takes about 25 minutes. The journey from the center of Jyväskylä takes 45 minutes by public transport. Bus # 16 from the center of Jyväskylä, the end-stop (Vuorenlahdenkatu 38) is about 400 meters from the gate.

Helsinki - Jyväskylä (E75) 270 km (3 h 15 min)
Helsinki - Säynätsalo (E75-610-E63) 271 km (3 h 30 min)
Maisemareitti Helsinki - Lahti - Vääksy - Luhanka - Korpilahti - Säynätsalo 279 km (3 h 45 min)
Jyväskylän keskusta - Säynätsalo 15 km (20 min)
Säynätsalon Kunnantalo  Muuratsalon Koetalo 4 km (7 min)
Säynätsalo - Muurame 8 km (10 min)
Säynätsalo - Seinäjoki 200 km (3 h)
Säynätsalo - Villa Mairea, Noormarkku 260 km (3 h 30 min)
Säynätsalo - Turku 300 km (3 h 45 min)
Säynätsalo - Imatra 260 km (3 h 30 min)
Säynätsalo Rovaniemi 560 km (7 h)
Public transport. Buses # 16 and #21 from Jyväskylä center to Säynätsalo. TIMETABLE. 

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