Entrance & video guidance

Book a video-guided tour here. You are also allowed to explore the building of your own with this ticket.If you are not going to stay overnight in Säynätsalo Town Hall accommodation, please book...


Entrance & live tour (May-August)

Book here a live guided visit to the Town HallPlease note the guidance times in English (12.30 PM) and in Finnish (2.30 PM)If you are a guest customer, the tour is included in the accommodation...


Tour in Muuratsalo Experimental House for overnight guests

Muuratsalo Experimental House is open only in the summertime, June-September.Muuratsalo Experimental House is a studio and summer residence designed by Elissa and Alvar Aalto. The building is...



Volunteering Opportunities at Säynätsalo Town Hall, FinlandWould you like to volunteer at an iconic building and help to showcase it to the world?We invite you to join our volunteer program at the...

Guiding film

It is possible to watch the guiding video with subtitles using Google/YouTube translation.

Aalto in Finland, 7-8 days

Aalto in FinlandExample Itinerary – traveling with public transport or self-drive, 7-8 daysWe will take care of the travel planning and reservations according to your wishes. This example...

Town Hall preordered private live tour

The entrance fee always includes a video guide.If you wish, you can also order live guidance for your group.Make a reservation and we will contact you to arrange a time!Separate, ordered live...

Guided 3-hour excursion to Muuratsalo's versatile nature

Hike in the diverse nature of Muuratsalo. As you follow the small paths, you will experience a comprehensive cross-section of Finnish nature: rugged mountains, groves, pine forests, and quiet...


Guided one-hour excursion to Muuratsalo's versatile nature

Hike in the diverse nature of Muuratsalo. As you follow the small paths, you will experience rugged mountains, groves, pine forests, and quiet forest ponds - and everything that the nature of...


Boat ride and Guided Tour to Muuratsalo Experimental House

In the footsteps of Aalto on Lake Päijänne. Do you want to arrive at the summer residence of the world-famous architect Alvar Aalto in Muuratsalo with your family and friends, as Aalto did in his...


Beautiful flower bouquet in a Aalto Vase

A beautiful bouquet tied by local florist Kirsi to delight your visit to the Town Hall. The Aalto vase is not included in the price, but the bouquet you can take with you when you leave.



Rent a bicycle! You can quickly and safely drive around the islands - everything is a few kilometers away. For example, Alvar Aalto's summer home, Muuratsalo Experimental House, is about 4 km from...


Welcome Cyclist

Pyöräilijä, tervetuloa Säynätsalon kunnantalolle!

Aalto Residency

The Aalto Residency Programme is an international residency programme focused on architecture and design. The programme is housed at the Säynätsalo Town Hall, designed by Alvar Aalto.

Shared cars by City of Jyväskylä

There are three electric cars in Jyväskylä for shared use by city employees, residents, and tourists.

Snack Pack for the Trip

Do you need a snack pack for the trip?


Aalto's Legacy 6 Hour Guided Walking Tour

Join a guided 6-hour walking and local bus tour to visit the Aalto sites in Jyväskylä and Säynätsalo.


Säynätsalo Town Hall

Säynätsalo Town Hall 1949-52 Säynätsalo town hall, designed by Alvar Aalto, represents Aalto's architecture at its best. A contest was held by the municipality of Säynätsalo in 1949 and the town...

Tailored boat tour on Lake Päijänne

Explore northern Päijänte by boat! A boatman from Säynätsalo will take you and your party on your unique cruise. The boat even has a sauna!


Two-hour Boat ride on Lake Päijänne

Two-hour Boat Ride on Lake PäijänneDo you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Finnish lakes by boating around the Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo islands?



Volunteerin, application fee




Volunteering period