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We Speak Gay

Why Tavolo Bianco is LGBT+-friendly?

CRITERIA FOR RAINBOW FRIENDLINESS  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in Finland are some of the most progressive in the world. According to the ILGA-Europe advocacy group, Finland is currently ranked as having the fourth-best laws and policies in the world that protect the rights of the LGBT+ community. ILGA-Europe is the leading LGBT+ advocacy organization in Europe, covering Europe and advocating professionally in all European institutions central to human rights and non-discrimination.

According to the rights group, the list’s rankings are based on equality and non-discrimination, family, hate crime and hate speech, legal gender recognition, and bodily integrity, civil society space, as well as an asylum.

This is how Tavolo Bianco works

Regardless of your profession, education, experience or what stage of your life you are in, what mobility you have, or who you love, you are always safe and welcome to visit Säynätsalo Town Hall.

We strive to emphasize diversity, non-discriminatory culture, and equal opportunities to our customers, employees, and partners.
Promoting equality is an important part of our business values. Our goal is for all visitors and those at work to feel accepted and valued as their own selves. We turn the recognition of difference into an asset for our company. All customers are equal to us, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, age, or other personal characteristics.