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How to arrive to overnight at the Town Hall

How to arrive to overnight at the Town Hall

How to arrive to overnight at the Town Hall

Always state your arrival time as accurately as possible so we can ensure a flexible arrival. The standard arrival time is 3 pm to 5 pm. Arrival from 5 pm to 8 pm is also possible if agreed in advance. The accommodation can also be accessed by the key hide. In that case, the code for the key safe will be given to you in a separate message.

Drive to the bigger parking area via Hakatie. There is no driving connection from the Town Hall.

(1) Entrance to the actual Town Hall. If there is nothing else agreed to hand over the key, you can check in here.

(2) Apartment-side entrance (3), with your keys access to all apartments and guest rooms.

If you have agreed to arrive by key hide, you will find the key next to the door on the wall

(4). Press the protective flap down and enter the code you got beforehand. Then press the black button on the left side of the code, dial down, and the key box will open. Take the key, close the door and turn the code rollers to lock the tray.

Hugo and Henrik apartments and the guest rooms are on the first floor – stairs up. The entrance to Nemo is downstairs under the stairs.

The locks in the old building are sometimes a little awkward. The front door is open during the day, but in the evening, it opens with the key to the apartment. Turn the key clockwise and open the door. The locks on the apartments are opened by pushing the door slightly inwards and turning the key clockwise. It is not necessary to press down on the door handle.