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Volunteering Opportunities at Säynätsalo Town Hall

The volunteer program at Säynätsalo Town Hall is open to foreign Aalto enthusiasts, professionals, and students and lasts one week to two months.

News Letter, July 2023

Säynätsalon kunnantalon kahvilan kesän 2023 näyttelyt

Säynätsalon kunnantalon AaBakery-kahvilan kesän taidenäyttelyt tuovat esille harvemmin nähtyjä valokuvaustekniikoita.

Kesäkuussa kahvilan seinillä nähdään jyväskyläläisen Jorma Onkisen neulanreikä- sekä solarigrafiatekniikalla toteutettuja valokuvia näyttelyssä "View From Pinhole". Onkinen toimii myös muiden kahden näyttelyn näyttelymestarina.

Heinäkuun valokuvaaja on puolalainen Agnieszka Korfanty näyttelyllään "Mysteriuos Illuminations", jonka valokuvat on otettu kokeellisella Haruhisa Terasaki -kameralla.

Elokuun valokuvaajat ovat saksalaiset Ruth Güse ja Doro Bornemann, joiden yhteisnäyttelyssä "Nature Makes Photography" nähdään valokuvia, joissa filmi on altistettu kasvinosille - kuten kukkien terälehdille - ja luonnosta saataville nesteille ennen kuvaamista.

Näyttelyt ovat avoinna kahvilan aukioloaikoina.

Art Exhibition, Helena Koljonen

LUONNON LAHJA II 3.5.-29.5.2023

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Säynätsalo Art Society Raita's exhibition in the cafe 2.3.-30.4.

Raita's spring exhibition at the Säynätsalo town hall is a good example of the club's community activities, which, in addition to doing its work, conveys feelings, memories, and thoughts to all the islanders, and at the same time, creates a basis for shared comfort, a sense of security and happy, unforgettable shared moments.

The art association was founded in 1984 to maintain and develop the local visual arts hobby. The members of the interdisciplinary society make art using many different materials and techniques. The society also organizes courses, art camps, and events. Raita's annual exhibitions make art familiar to the inhabitants of the islands.

The exhibition is open at Town Hall in the AaBakery cafe during the opening hours from March 2 to April 28, 2023.

Iikka Hackman's art exhibition "Necessary Small Objects" at Säynätsalo Town Hall 3.1.-28.2.2023

The exhibition depicts the fears of adults through children

Iikka Hackman is a writer and artist living in Muuratsalo, whose murals under the name Badly Painted Walls can be found in numerous homes and commercial buildings in Jyväskylä, as well as in Matkakeskus, for example.

"Necessary Small Objects" consists of colourful, large-scale paintings executed on panel using mainly the same stencil technique as the murals. The works in the exhibition revolve around images of childhood and threats in today's world - the world as seen through the eyes of a parent of a small child.

"The whole theme is actually reducible to a specific moment: Thursday 24 February at around 7.30 am. On that day, the Säynätsalo kindergarten was in winter hibernation and, in accordance with the wishes of the staff, we had put two milk cans filled with water at home to freeze overnight. Our daughter would take them to the kindergarten on Thursday, where the children would build a castle out of the ice bricks they had made in the cans. When I woke up on Thursday morning, I read on the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine and violent fighting was raging in Europe," Hackman recalls.

It was on this subject, the absurd contradiction between these two realities, that the painting Ice Castle, the central work in the exhibition, was born.

Hackman's work is built on a dialogue between image and text.

"The aim is to find connections where image and text help each other to discover something new and interesting. I dream that, at best, this could result in a kind of informal poetry."

Iikka Hackman's paintings at Säynätsalo Municipal House café (Parviaisentie 9) until 28 February. The exhibition is open Tues-Fri 8-16, Sat 10-15. Subject to change. www.aabakery.fi

For more information, please contact Iikka Hackman / iikka@huonostimaalatutseinat.fi / 050 373 1347 / www.huonostimaalatutseinat.fi

Become a guide to one of Alvar Aalto's most famous sites

Säynätsalo Municipal Hall is one of thirteen buildings designed by Alvar Aalto and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The World Heritage List is a national list of sites that will be nominated in the near future for inclusion on UNESCO's International World Heritage List.

Tavolo Bianco Ltd. is responsible for the operation of the Municipal House: it cherishes the Aalto heritage and promotes sustainable and regenerative tourism business.

The Municipal Hall is open during the summer season from 1 June to 31 August, generally every day from 12 noon to 4 p.m. The Municipal Hall offers accommodation, meeting and event services all year round.

The guide's duties include customer service and guiding, as well as other tasks related to guide services and accommodation. There are separate staff to clean the accommodation, but during busy and holiday periods the guides will assist with cleaning and tidying up.

There are many international visitors to the Municipal Hall, so the guides need to have good language skills. We also hope that you are customer service oriented, flexible, self-motivated and have good presentation skills. In addition to tourists, the Town Hall is of particular interest to architects, researchers and architecture students. The accommodation facilities allow many people to stay overnight on the islands.

Aalto's summer residence, the Muuratsalo Experimental House, four kilometres from the town hall, is also a popular place to visit. The Alvar Aalto Museum provides guided tours of the site, while Tavolo Bianco offers private and evening excursions for its guests. The guide can also be involved in these activities.

Please send your application and CV to harri.taskinen@tavolobianco.com by 1.3.2023.


Salary: 1600 €/month + personal experience and language allowances, collective agreement MaRaVa

Nature of work: initially a summer job, with the aim of being employed for several summer seasons, or, if possible and desired, as an entrepreneur all year round.

The job requires a willingness to work weekends. Experience of working as a guide and an interest in the architecture of the Aalto would be an advantage.

Further information: Harri Taskinen, +358 40 1971 091, message first - I am abroad