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Fatbike warm up

Fatbike warm up
From €594.00 / 3 h
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Fatbike warm up

Fatbike Warm up in Jyväskylä region is a refreshing part of a work welfare day or for example, a good way to end a business meeting. Warm up is 3 hours of biking depending on the fitness level of the group. At the beginning we go trough how the fatbike works and what are the safe ways to ride a bike a fatbike. During the trips we take breaks accordingly and we can also stop at camp sites where fire is permitted. Roads, trails and tracks go trough beautiful and changing forest landscapes and there is also enough challenge there as well. Difficulty level of the route is 2-3, which means it is meant for a person of average shape and biking skills. Final speed and place of the route is set during the ordering process. For example if the group has a lot of experienced people in biking, challenge level can be raised. Length of the route is about 10km at a leisurely pace. At least 3 persons need to be attending. 

Length of the trip

About 3 hours, which includes stretching and breaks. This can be changed according to the wishes of the customers.

Group size

3- 12 people, one guide has up to 12 people. Possibility for 10 extra bikes, which means 22 bikes in total. Alternatively the group can be split to two and after the beginning talks, the other group hikes, while the others ride the bikes and then swap at the middle point for example.


Base price is 670€+ VAT 10% for 3-12 people, if more ask for a offer!

Included in the price:

  • Guide services
  • Muscle maintenance tips
  • Tips about the bike and how drive safely, depending on skill level of the biker.
  • Trail guidance
  • Tales and information about the nature and environment
  • Good quality Felt dd 30 fatbike
  • Helmet
  • Liability insurance

For extra cost:

  • BBB biking shorts for 20€, retail price is 55€.
  • BBB biking shirt for 25€, retail price is 45€.

Customer's own gear:

  • Weather appropriate clothing for outdoors and biking.
  • We recommend biking shorts/ pants for increased comfort while biking. ( Can be purchased from us).
  • Coat to wear during breaks
  • Sturdy shoes, good jogging shoes will do. 
  • If needed, own pedals.
  • Enough drinking water.
  • We recommend sun glasses or other protective glasses
  • Energy bars, nuts etc. to eat during breaks.
  • Travel and/ or accident insurance.