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Enjoy the powerful Päijänne-lake from the top of Haukkavuori

70,00 €
70,00 € / 4 h
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Experience the wild lake Päijänne. Climb to Haukkavuori, about 100 m above sea level and enjoy the view! Snacks and a time to rest allow you to recover for the last bit of the journey. Distance 5 - 6 km and duration about 4 h. 

This guided trip is usually arranged all year around. Exceptions are the annual holidays such as christmas, new year, easter etc. If it´s raining a lot, the trip is not arranged as the rocks will be very slippery and dangerous.

You will get your camping meals and you will begin with your camping clothing. First, we hike for 2 km on a gravel road, and after that we climb throuch a forest path on the top of Haukkavuori. The path is slippery so please be careful and have walking sticks if needed. It is also useful to have good hiking shoes for the trip.

The Haukkavuori hills are very steep, so please listen to the instructions. During fall there are usually lot of moose flies, which makes having a good hat useful.

At the top you will encounter a beautiful view to the lake Päijänne. You will feel like flying and climbing to the rocks. Enjoy, rest, eat some snacks or get a nap. I will wake you up from the fairy dream when it´s time to leave.

Price for the trip: 70 € / person, includes. vat.

Includes guiding and camping snacks.

For additional price:

  • Organic soup 17 €/person, incl. vat.

  • Haltia-sauna, incl: towel, peflet and washing soaps, 140 €/2h + 15 €/incl. vat.

  • Sauna at lake Päijänne, 12.5. – 9.9., 250 €/3 h, incl. vat. no towel.

  • rent a towel, 12 €/person

Take with you:

  • own bag and water bottle

  • sunglasses and rain coat

  • shoes good for the weather

  • additional coat for surprising weather


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