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Welcome Cyclist


Cyclist, welcome to Säynätsalo Town Hall!

You are welcome to visit us in cycling clothing and shoes, tired and even dirty. It doesn't matter if you're muddy: we have a way to wash.

The Welcome Cyclist logo is designed to make a cyclists' life easier when looking for services that are right for them: places and services that the cyclist always knows are welcome and offer slightly better services for the adventurer on the saddle of a bike.

Your bike is also our VIP guest

There are a safe parking and storage place for the bikes, which also has basic bike maintenance supplies, so even light maintenance is possible.
We work in co-operation with a nearby bike service station, so bike maintenance is handled quickly.
If you arrive by electric bike, you can leave the battery to charge in a safe place, for the time of some coffee or touring the building.

Do you need maintenance yourself?

If you stay overnight, you can clean your cycling clothes and equipment in our washroom and also tumble dry.
If necessary, you can get breakfast earlier from our own bakery-café, or we will pack it with you.
You can also equip your next cycling destination by purchasing an energy-rich snack pack.
In Säynätsalo, you can find evening food at least until 8 pm or prepare the food yourself in your apartment's kitchen. There is also a supermarket right next door, open until 10 pm.
Naturally, we will fill your drink bottle free of charge.

How does the journey continue?

We tell you about local cycling routes and islands' cycling-friendly services. We will give you a free map of the area's services.
If necessary, our guide can check the local weather forecast and recommend route options accordingly.
In the area of ​​Säynätsalo Town Hall, you have access to a free internet network (wifi), so you can check information, book services along your journey, and communicate your journey to others.
Also, note the bike rental and guided and independent bike tours on the islands of Säynätsalo!